The Name Story

April 5, 2008

Every time I do a show or event, someone always asks where the name Sweet Annie’s came from.  So if anyone is wondering, here’s the answer.

Many years ago I worked for a friend’s floral shop. I worked some in the shop, but more at home doing silk and dried wreaths, sachets and gifts.  My children were small and the arrangement worked great. I did well, so I registered it as a business.  There is a wildflower (weed!) called Sweet Annie, and it has a very strong scent and it’s used widely as a filler flower.  I just loved it, and I started growing it in my garden.  All of my life my four brothers have called me Annie, so the name of the business just clicked with me.  Even though I would never consider myself “sweet” most of the time, I still thought it was a good name for the business!

When I started making jewelry, I didn’t envision it growing like it did, so I just used my existing business name and license.  Before long I had name recognition, so I didn’t think I should change it.  Many times I thought about it, but then again, the name seems to stick with people, so I stuck with it.

So that’s how it began.  Sometimes I dream of making a change to a more “jewelry sounding” name, but Sweet Annie’s has done very nicely for me and I’m sticking with it!



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