Great Google, I’m number 1!!

May 13, 2008

Today was cool!  I had an assignment for one of my classes to investigate myself on the Internet.  When I google my name, nothing. I guess I don’t exist.  I will blame this on taking my maiden name back after the divorce last year instead of taking it personally.  But when I typed in Sweet Annie’s Jewelry, the #1 Google result out of over 600,000 was my press release for the grant I won from Urban Hope for my business plan.  The second result was this blog.  Yea me!  I don’t know if this will ever happen again that I’m #’s one and two on Google, but it was cool to see…especially after not having any hits I could find for my name.  I don’t know how their whole rating system goes, but I still got a rush from seeing it.  Too bad my website isn’t fully-functioning yet.  Getting to the webdesigners place and getting it finished is a priority for me after the school term ends this coming Friday.

Sweet Annie’s Jewelry exists in the world!  Now I have to find a way to make me personally exist, too…at least on Google.



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