What Do You Know, I’m an Artist!

October 11, 2008

Artist In Residence, Old Church Gallery

Artist In Residence, Old Church Gallery

I don’t know why being called an artist always surprises me, or makes me feel all funny inside.  Does it sound pretentious?  Is it wishful thinking?  I don’t know exactly, but it still gives me a thrill and yet makes me feel like a phony at the same time! 

This past weekend my good friend Karen and I were the Artists in Residence for The Old Church Gallery in Cedar River, Michigan.  We brought our respective work and spent the day there, meeting the customers and having a ball together.  Karen Brabender and I have been friends since grade school, and we are each other’s inspiration for artwork in a lot of ways.  Karen does gorgeous mosaic glass paintings under the business name Re-Creations Mosaics.  She takes a lot of old windows and does mosaic work on the glass.  Anyway, the day was a great success and they have already asked us to do it again next year, and they are going to be having a lot more artists come in also.  People seemed really excited to see us working on our things right in front of them. 

I love the contact with people – I have always been very outgoing and I love to socialize, so these kinds of events are something I really enjoy.  I hadn’t had enough beading time lately, so it was nice to get back to designing and creating jewelry.  I have been so busy with other things that I have been neglecting my creative side – my internal artist – and that has to change.  That artist inside is important and I need to let her out to play more.


Cedar River Gallery with sign

Cedar River Gallery with sign


One Response to “What Do You Know, I’m an Artist!”

  1. Karen Brabender Says:

    Oh my, I guess the term artist is one of those words you use to refer to other that you consider more talented then yourself. So to hear myself referred to that way is pretty wild. Especially when Diane Erickson is the one calling me an artist. As Diane said, we have been friends since the 5th grade, and I have always looked at Diane as smarter and definitely more talented then myself. Maybe because she helped me to pass some classes in school that I wasn’t doing so well in “to put it mildly”.

    We have been trying to continue to get together and do art since those days we sat across from each other in high school art class. Some times it gets pretty crazy. We sing, laugh, and on occasion even dance. We have been there for each other threw the good times and the bad. I love Diane because she always encourages me and makes me feel like I can do it. What ever it may be.
    I think we bring out the best in each other. If you read on you’ll see Just a sampling of Diane’s talent. Her jewlery is amazing! I just don’t have enough of it. 🙂

    Thanks Dee for posting my pic’s from the artist in residence day. Can’t wait to do it again!!!

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