Dryer Sheets Repurposed!

February 22, 2009

Some artists blow me away with their ideas.  I love Katherine Sands blog (http://katherinesands.wordpress.com) and am constantly inspired.  This post, however, made me sit up straight in my chair…I throw these dryer sheets out on a regular basis!!  How could I be so blind??  I am newly inspired to get going with my new silk paints – thanks Katherine!  Enjoy her posts and check out her website at http://www.katherinesands.com/ also.

How Many Dryer Sheets…


…can one collect? For my use, I don’t want a block of color, but just a bit of color and transparency for layering. They can still have paint added to them as well as stamping, and I’m even wondering how they would take a gel medium photo transfer…hmmmm, I may have to try that!

Katherine has many examples of collage and quilting works using these painted and dyed dryer sheets.  Check them out!  I will be following her blog and sharing more inspiring ideas in the future, too.

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