100_0062-1It’s not fun to watch the news on T.V. right now.  It’s also not much fun to read the paper.  Come to think of it, Internet news isn’t a picnic either.  So how are we supposed to stay upbeat and motivated as artists when the whole world seems to be broadcasting gloom and doom?

I don’t know about anyone else, but this is what I decided to do.

#1.  No more news shows.  I’m one of those people who flips between a couple of news networks a couple of times a day to stay current.  But right now there isn’t much but economic news being talked about.  So for now, the television stays off.

#2.  Limited Internet news.  I have a news website as my homepage, but that is going to change.  I can check it once a day and read selected items to stay current with the world,  but the financial news is off-limits…for now.

#3.  Splurge on Inspiration.  I’m going to splurge on those favorite magazines that give me a special lift creatively.  Those things tend to get cut out of the budget when money gets tight, but now is the perfect time for them, when I need to feed my soul and crowd out all the negativity in the world.

#4.  Have an art party!  I am planning to have a “rave” with some other artist friends to just help each other get our creative juices going again.  If lots of people did this, we could impact the world with optimism and art!

This is my plan for starters.  I would love to hear other ideas from people for staying creative in todays economy and I will post more as they come to me.  Keep creating!

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