Make Sure To Sparkle!

March 13, 2009


I finally had to surrender to the inevitable…I need reading glasses.  I’ve been fighting it for awhile now, but I put on a pair of the lowest “cheaters” and WOW!  It was no longer so difficult  to read.  All the letters were larger and clearer.  Figures it took me until my last semester of college to accept this!…all those headaches and all that eye strain for nothing! Not to mention how much easier it’s going to be to make jewelry…I will be able to see the small bead holes again!

Aren’t my new glasses cool?  I only paid $18, but they make me feel better than a lot of the checkout counter pairs.  I’m going to get a whole wardrobe of them and put them everywhere.

So, even though I’m bowing to the inevitable changes by accepting this, I have a new motto.  If life gives you reading glasses, make sure they sparkle!

3 Responses to “Make Sure To Sparkle!”

  1. kathy Says:

    Those are SO COOL!!

  2. Bev Says:

    I’ve worn glasses (all the time) since I was 10. (Not saying how long that is 😉
    I always make sure I get the newest style and boy how they have changed. I was reminded how much when I was watching Match Game ’76 the other day. BIG lenses! I had a little butterfly down in the lower left corner of one lens. Soooooo Coooool!
    Sparkle is good!

  3. My kids laugh so hard when they see pictures of me in those huge glasses…nearsightedess then, though!

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