25 Things About Me…

March 23, 2009

I was over at Quirky-Is-A-Compliment ‘s blog and saw where she had a listing called “100 Things About Me” that a lot of bloggers are doing now.  I’m an interesting person (she says modestly) so I decided to give it a whirl.  However, I think I’ll break it into groups of 25 at a time.  So here goes the first 25:

1.  My little brother was born on my 3rd birthday.

2.  Canada is the only country I’ve visited outside the U.S.

3.  I met Prince Albert of Monaco when I was 17.  He attended the same college as my brother and I met him when I visited.  We watched Mork and Mindy together. (honestly!)

4.  My best friend Emo died nearly 17 years ago of Cystic Fibrosis. My daughter Emily is named after her.

5.  I have some of the same friends for nearly my whole life.  Karin since birth, Jules since 3rd grade, Abbie since 4th grade and Karen since 5th grade.  I am still close to them all – aren’t I lucky!

6.  I always wanted to write a book someday.

7.  I am going to graduate from college with my Bachelor’s Degree in May at the age of 46-years-old…yea me!

8.  My first vehicle was a 1965 Dodge van with no interior anything.  Just a big metal box!  No power steering or brakes, either.

9.  I went to a ball at West Point Military Academy when I was 19.  My best friend Emo and I flew out and attended the ball with a cadet from our hometown and his best friend.  Cadets know how to PARTY!

10.  My pillow travels with me wherever I go.  No exceptions.

11.  I am addicted to Mello Yello. 

12.  I have a drink named after me.  A local coffee shop named DewHills concocted a drink using chai and smoothie mix and they call it Di’s Chai.  It’s stronger than similar drinks at Starbucks and such.  SO yummy.  My kids love it too. 

13.  I am a passionate gardener, and it nearly killed me to leave my gardens behind at the old house when I got divorced.  Someday I want to have a new garden because I really miss it.

14.  I played the clarinet for 20 years, but can’t anymore after 2 jaw surgeries.  As much as I loved it, I have always wanted to play the piano.  I still am planning on taking lessons someday.

15.  I cannot paint in watercolors well.  I love acrylics, but I just cannot seem to make watercolors behave and it’s very frustrating for me..everything looks like mud.

16.  My kids are the best thing I’ve ever done.  Nothing I will ever do will mean anything if I fail them.

17.  I am not Martha Stewart, nor do I try anymore.

18.  I’m a little obsessed with how the laundry gets done.  I have my quirky little ways and it’s hard for me to let go and let the kids help.

19.  I didn’t eat pizza until I was 14.  I was convinced I didn’t like it.  I have spent the time since then trying to make up for the deficit.

20.  I played with Barbies until I was a freshman in high school.

21. I love to read romance novels.  These days I scoff at them, but I still read them.  I hope my belief in romance comes back someday.

22.  I have size 11 feet.

23.  I am a licensed beautician.  I have been fascinated with hair from a young age, so on a hiatus from college I went to school for it.  I still love it and until we moved to this duplex I always had a salon in my basement.

24.  My kids and I are huge fans of American Idol.

25.  I am in love with David Cook, winner of last year’s American Idol.  I have an 8 x 10 of him on the bulletin board above my desk.  Yes, I know, he could be my son…a gal can dream!

There you have my first installment.  Check back for the rest!

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