diplomaI haven’t dropped off the face of the earth – although some days it feels like it!  I am in the final two weeks of my college career.  As of May 16th I will earn my Bachelor’s Degree – FINALLY!  I will be graduating Summa Cum Laude from UW – Oshkosh in their Organizational Administration program.

So, I am deep into final papers, final projects and no sleep.  Forgive me, pray for me, and I will will return…


April 20, 2009

Yesterday was the two year mark since my divorce was finalized.  I didn’t like calling it the anniversary of my divorce, because in my mind anniversary is a positive, wedding-like term.  So I came up with the term divorce -a -versary.  I like it!

I had a few bad moments, I must admit.  Mostly I think I am trying to move on now.  I do have some fears about the future, but I am trying to think positively about it.  On that note, here is something I found on the Internet that I thought was appropriate to commemorate this divorce-a-versary.  Enjoy!

World’s Shortest Fairytale…

Once upon a time, a guy asked a girl, “Will you marry me?”  The girl said “No” and she lived happily ever after and went shopping, drank margaritas with friends, always had a clean house, never had to cook, had a closet full of shoes and handbags, stayed skinny, and was never farted on.

The End.

Visual Inspiration

April 14, 2009


While browsing around at Etsy recently, I was blown away by the photograph above.  I loved the poppy pods, and I LOVED the “shabby chic” or vintage look to the photo.

After clicking over to ScarletBeautiful’s Etsy store, I learned that this photo is part of her “Through the Viewfinder” series.  Basically, these photos are taken though the viewfinder of any camera with another camera.  Who would have thunk it?  Not me!  I can’t look at this enough. 

But was this the only thing I loved?  Not by a long shot.  There were many other beautiful shots using this technique, and tons of others that were such visual inspiration for me.  I just had to write ScarletBeautiful and ask permission to share this with my readers.

While Etsy is a great place to find cool stuff to buy, it is also like a virtual gallery, where every page brings more creativity right to your computer screen.  I encourage you to visit today and get inspired!

My Etsy site  is there, also, if you’re interested in taking a look…!


This morning was an awesome church service for Easter.  The ladies made a huge breakfast for anyone who wanted to come (it was delicious!) and the service itself…well, it was inspiring.  The music and drama ministries were top notch.  The sermon was incredible.  People were lifted in their hearts at the emotional morning.

I learned a bit of trivia this morning, also.  The most common day for the Easter holiday to fall on is April 19th.  During the service it came to me that the anniversary of my divorce was April 18th.  My brain made the connection that for me, April 19th would be a day of rebirth and renewal in more ways than just Easter!  It will from now on symbolize my new life – not only in Christ but on earth as an independent being. 

While the divorce was not my desire, nearly two years has passed.  I am healing and growing and getting on with my life.  I am ready to be re-born.

Freedom To Suck

April 10, 2009


This awesome tip was included in a blog written by Jonathan Mead, guest contributor on Zen Habits.  It really resonated with me.  I don’t know about you, but I tend to hide my suckiness.  I don’t want the world to see my less-than-perfect artistic efforts.   I am such a perfectionist it was awesome to have someone tell me it was OK to suck sometimes!

Allow yourself to suck. One of the biggest reasons we avoid doing  what we love is that we’re afraid we’re going to fall flat on our face, in front of everyone. And then they’ll laugh or think we’re not amazing and all our theories about how we’re not really a genius will be true. Here’s some good news: You probably won’t be as bad as you thought you were. Here’s some bad news: You’ll never be great unless you first allow yourself to suck. So embrace your suckiness. Don’t let the fear of failure keep you from doing what you love.

Check out the entire blog post  here.  Then feel free to go out and suck at something today!


A Morning Offering

April 10, 2009

My God, I offer you today

My life and all its care.

Keep me from sin till evening comes

Help me my cross to bear.

My day is long, my work is hard

My life seems all awry.

I have no time to think or pray

And the years pass swiftly by.

O God, accept my work today

I do it all for You.

‘Tis badly done- complainingly-

But the best that I can do.

And you are kind and gentle, Lord,

And the faults You will not see.

Such as it is, my life anew,

I dedicate to Thee.

 – Rev. Thomas Foy

Another Silver Lining

April 9, 2009

Ever since the divorce, the kids and I have taken to finding silver linings in our situations.  I wrote about it in an earlier post, but basically it’s things like “now we can buy the non-chunky spaghetti sauce we like but never got because X liked the chunky” and silly things like that.  We have found a lot of silver linings in the past two years.

I just thought of another one.  My daughter is 15 and is suffering from her second herniated disc.  We are trying a new therapy, but it requires driving an hour away several times a week.  She has her temporary driver’s permit now, so we share the driving. Yes, the time is significant.  Yes, gas is expensive.  Yes, the wear and tear isn’t doing a lot of good on the van that already turned over 198,000…

But the silver lining is a lot of wonderful one-on-one time with my daughter.  We have had a lot of great heart-to-heart talks that just seem easier when you’re driving.  She’s nearly 16, and her independence will begin with that driver’s license.  I am cherishing this time because I think it is a critical time in her life, and I get to impart life lessons that maybe I hadn’t gotten to yet, and share things about me that she may not have discovered otherwise.  We get a chance to go out to eat together and laugh…it’s not just a silver lining, it’s a whole beautiful rainbow after the storm, too!



Karen and I got together to do art again tonight.  Actually I made jewelry and she strung the beading on her daughter’s bridal veil.  We had to laugh and preserve for posterity the picture of us in our “cheaters”…did we ever laugh!  We’ve been making art together since we were teenagers, and when we get together we still act like them! 

Even if our eyes aren’t what they used to be…!

I’m going to continue with the 100 things about me topic that I began earlier.  Here’s another 25:

26.   I have 4 brothers and no sisters.

 27.  I had my appendix out when my son was only 2 weeks old. 

28.   I collect nutcrackers.  It started when my best friend Emo made me one for Christmas one year.  I have been collecting ever since.

29.  It bothers me that the name I signed on the wall at Graceland was my married name.  Someday I’d like to go back and re-sign it.

30. I love to knit but I only know the one stitch.  One of my goals is to be able to knit sweaters and such.  It’s on the list of things I want to learn someday.

31.  I own the Brady Bunch record album. 

32.  My favorite scent for the home is Cashmere by Hillhouse Naturals.  I love, love, love it.

33.  I have been wearing the perfume Obsession by Calvin Klein for over 25 years.  I’ve tried a bunch of others that I love on other people, but they just don’t smell right on me.

34.  I like my movies to have happy endings.  My mother used to tell me this wasn’t realistic, but I think if I’m paying to be entertained, I deserve to see a happy ending!  If I want realistic, I’ll watch the news.

35.   I have had lots of surgeries.  I have had both hands carpal tunnel surgery, 1 hysterectomy, 1 appendectomy, 2 on my ear, 2 on my jaw, 2 D&C’s after miscarriages, breast reduction.  Hmmm.  I think that’s all.  It’s hard to remember!

36.  I am a Green Bay Packers fan.  I used to live in Green Bay in my 20’s and would love to move back there after my daughter graduates in 2 years.

37.  I had two miscarriages that devastated me.

38.  I have had some fun part time jobs.  I worked in an art gallery and a flower/gift shop and LOVED working both places.  I didn’t bring much home in the way of paychecks, however.

39.  I want to take an Alaskan cruise someday.  I saw a documentary about Alaska in college and have been fascinated ever since.  The Love Boat Alaskan cruise episode helped, too!

40.  One of my favorite college classes the first time around was a class on Shakespeare.

41.  The town I live in is surrounded by water on 3 sides.  I love water and would love to live on the bay someday.  I love waves, I love sand, I love driftwood.  I don’t like dead fish or seagulls, however.

42.  I would like to learn to speak Italian. 

43.  I have math anxiety. I have shed tears over financial classes in college.

44.  My comfort foods are salmon patties and creamed potatoes, and homemade macaroni and cheese.

45.  Growing up we had a string of chameleons as pets.  All 4 were named Archie after Archie Bunker on All In The Family.

46.  I dated 4 different guys named Dave when I was younger.

47.  I really wanted to play the drums when I signed up for band, but others had already signed up for them.  I didn’t even know what a clarinet was when I agreed to play it.  I just knew I had to make music!

48.  I was named after the song “My Diane” that was one of my dad’s favorites from way back when.

49.  I could eat breakfast food every meal of the day.  I LOVE breakfast.

50.  I have never done pottery – it is a biggie on my t0-do-someday list.

There you have it.  Fifty more things about me.  Do you feel like you know me yet??

Studios Indulgence

April 2, 2009


 I got my issue of the Cloth Paper Scissors special publication entitled “Studios” today.  I love this magazine.  I sit and savor every page.  I drool with envy over people with great studios. 

My workspace doesn’t look like these do.

I’ve embarrassed myself by publishing what my creative workspace looks like.  It doesn’t look like the pictures in this magazine.  (For my post about what my studio really looks like, go to this blog post.)  But I’m not going to let it bother me.  I am not anybody else, and I am coming to an acceptance of myself the way I am – warts and all.  It’s taken me this two years since my divorce to start to feel good about myself again, and I’m loving that I can feel that way again!

So I choose to love the studios in the magazine, but also to love my own little space in the world.  Could it be more organized?  Sure.  Could it be cleaner?  Definitely.  But at least I have a space and for now that’s good enough for me.  Studios Magazine just gives me inspiration to make it better.  But I’m afraid in order to make it a cleaner studio I would need a personality transplant!

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