Girl’s Night Art (GNA)

April 4, 2009



Karen and I got together to do art again tonight.  Actually I made jewelry and she strung the beading on her daughter’s bridal veil.  We had to laugh and preserve for posterity the picture of us in our “cheaters”…did we ever laugh!  We’ve been making art together since we were teenagers, and when we get together we still act like them! 

Even if our eyes aren’t what they used to be…!

2 Responses to “Girl’s Night Art (GNA)”

  1. Bev Says:

    I’ve worn glasses since I was 10, so I don’t see the problem. 😉 However, when I went to pick out frames for my last pair of glasses, I found out a new use for my glasses. I tried the totally rimless glasses on and discovered, I have no eyebrows. Well, I do but they don’t show. So, my glasses are my eyebrows. They have no expression, however.
    Great to have fun with friends!

  2. Karen Brabender Says:

    Hey D,
    I still think your cheaters are cuter than mine. I had a great time Friday. We still have to make time for an art day, so we can work on one of those new projests we keep talking about. Thanks for all the inspiration!

    Also in response to Bev. I told feel ya girl! My hair has gotten darker over the years, but my eyebrows are as white as can be. 😉
    Glasses are also good for hiding those little wrinkles around your eyes. We’re not getting older, we’re getting better!!!

    Heres to many many more GNO’s

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