April 20, 2009

Yesterday was the two year mark since my divorce was finalized.  I didn’t like calling it the anniversary of my divorce, because in my mind anniversary is a positive, wedding-like term.  So I came up with the term divorce -a -versary.  I like it!

I had a few bad moments, I must admit.  Mostly I think I am trying to move on now.  I do have some fears about the future, but I am trying to think positively about it.  On that note, here is something I found on the Internet that I thought was appropriate to commemorate this divorce-a-versary.  Enjoy!

World’s Shortest Fairytale…

Once upon a time, a guy asked a girl, “Will you marry me?”  The girl said “No” and she lived happily ever after and went shopping, drank margaritas with friends, always had a clean house, never had to cook, had a closet full of shoes and handbags, stayed skinny, and was never farted on.

The End.


4 Responses to “Divorce-a-versary”

  1. ImagineMDD Says:

    I’m on Etsy, too. ImagineMDD. A friend of mine went through a divorce and I created a necklace for her. Anniversaries of all kinds of events can sneak up on us and it’s good to acknowledge them. I agree that it’s up to the person to call the date or the feeling whatever is right for you. Commemorating it, letting and helping yourself get through it however you need to is healthy.

    I actually created a sort of similar blog post this morning.

  2. kathy Says:

    Love the short fairytale, Diane. If you are marking the date, I hope you did something nice for yourself.

  3. billy Says:

    lol, i call it my bachelor-a-versary. its only been one year out of my crappy marrage, but its been the best year ever! lol and asfor the short story, the best part of being broken up is seeing how crappy the cheating wife is doing, shes been in and out of alot of relationships, she plead bankruptcy and constantly asks me to take her back….

    • I haven’t had the satisfaction of having him ask me back and refusing…I was kind of looking forward to that, too! My x has had a stream of pretty young things closer to our daughter’s age and appears to be loving the single life. It would be easier to accept if I thought he was miserable…

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