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I’ve been thinking a lot about comfort zones recently.  I have to admit that my life is about comfort zones.  Up until now, whenever anyone would suggest that I needed to do something outside my comfort zone, I would reply “every day is outside my comfort zone!” since the divorce.  Learning how to be single again, going back to school, being a single parent, getting a job outside the home, moving and a million other experiences have all forced me outside what used to be my comfort zone.

But it’s time.  Graduating from college last week was the beginning.  While I was still in school there were things I could still avoid changing or confronting – I had all that I could handle at that time.  But lately I have noticed a restlessness in me, and I am realizing that it is time for me to stretch in new ways.  Going back to college showed me that I could go beyond a comfort zone and I could succeed and improve.  Now there is a whole world of boundaries to break through and comfort zones to leave.

Cheaters Collection #3

May 28, 2009


This is my latest addition.  Here is my purse pair of cheaters.  They are a really lightweight, foldable pair of reading glasses that I can keep handy in the side pocket of my purse.  They are a really cool frosted look frame with black and tan houndstooth accenting and sides.  The company name is Trendies and the style is Twisties.

Once I mastered the twist and fold technique, I had to add these to my quickly growing collection.  As promised, I will continue to show them to you as I acquire them.  I now run around the house looking for reading glasses all the time, so I am determined to have a pair in every room, in my workshop downstairs and with me at all times!  And maybe just a few for fun to shake things up.

A few years ago I saw a pair of red rhinestone studded cheaters and I loved them, but I didn’t need them at the time.  I can see myself wearing those, so I am going to search for a pair like that!  Gaudy, maybe, but I think I would enjoy wearing them just for me…it would be kind of like wearing a crown when vacuuming or doing dishes  (I’m not admitting to anything…!)



Karen and I haven’t gotten together in awhile because I was so swamped with finishing school.  We had planned to do art together tonight, but I didn’t feel so good all day today, and I thought about cancelling.  A text from Karen told me how excited she was about tonight, so I thought I would just watch her or do something easy…

Karen showed up with some little accordion book kits she bought from Dick Blick Art Supplies (  I put it together in a snap, and decided to do a glued/collage booklet.  Cutting out and sticking down seemed low effort enough for me!  I read about an idea recently where you make visual expressions about things you want in your life.  I loved the idea since I’m a very visual person.  Tonight I started with my first couple of goals, and the accordion book is perfect – I’m going to put it on the bookcase in my bedroom to remind me of my top dreams at this point in time.

I’m so glad Karen came over and was willing to have a laid back GNA tonight.  Even if it wasn’t our normal crazy evening, we still got to use that part of our brain that doesn’ t come out to play often enough.

Diane Erickson is a college graduate!

Diane Erickson is a college graduate!

I am a college graduate now.  I am an alumnus of University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh.  Me!  An alumnus at last!

In addition to the great feeling of accomplishment I have right now, I am also feeling a great sense of anticipation.  Since I accomplished my degree – even though I felt like my brain was going to explode half the time – I realized that if I can do this, I can do anything I set my mind to.  Yes, I still have a mind, and it’s a good one!

So now, I am looking at my options carefully.  What will I tackle next?  The sky is the limit because I know I can do it now.  I feel more confident.  More sure that the next thing I tackle will be accomplished also.  I feel like I have a big part of myself back that I had somehow lost track of. 

I am capable.  I am strong.  I am a college graduate at last!

I was sent the following poem by C. “Tillery Banks and  I  wanted to share it because it touched me:

My Tears Don’t Come Cheap Anymore

I don’t want to cry anymore about something that ain’t nothing

the price of my tears comes high now;

They come from a deeper well than before

Filled with visions I have never seen before

Filled with emotions I have never felt before

secrets I’ve nver know before.

Filled with children I have yet to birth

Joys I have yet to live and give

Magic I have yet to perform

Dreams yet to dream

Songs to sing that have not been sung

Dances to dance

And words to rhyme.

The well is deep

No, my tears don’t come cheap anymore.

I Am Not Superwoman!

May 14, 2009


I have given up the battle to be Superwoman.  I am a single mother, a jewelry artist, a daughter, a sister, a friend, an employee, a Christian, a neighbor, a teacher and a million other titles that suck up my time and energy.  One thing I am not is a superwoman.  I don’t even want to try to be one.

We already do enough.  We do too much.  We all feel inadequate because most of the time we can’t get everything done.  So I cannot feel guilty for not doing even more.  I can’t handle it all – so sue me.  My house is a mess half the time and I have paperwork in stacks…oh, well!  My mom had a plaque on the wall in our kitchen that said “So this isn’t Home Sweet Home – ADJUST!”  I have that plaque now and I love it.  It wasn’t that there wasn’t tons of love and tons of fun and tons of hard work, because there was.  What there wasn’t was that sense that everything had to be in its place OR ELSE. We lived in that house and we were comfortable there.  I now have that kind of house, too.  We live here and it’s never going to be perfect.

I will never be the woman who is put together, calm and self-assured.  I’m the one running in sweating and frazzled.  I’m the one with the never-ending to-do list.  I will nearly always have a basket of clean laundry to be folded in my living room.  But this is me, and this is my life.  It’s the best that I can do, and that must be enough.  I don’t have fancy bullet deflecting cuffs, but I dodge bullets every day.

Superwoman’s bustier looks really uncomfortable anyway.

striped glasses

Don’t you just dig these?  I found these at a shop in Green Bay and had to have them!   They are a little stronger (+1.25) than my others, so I thought they’d work well for beading, because I think there’s a conspiracy among the bead makers and they’re sizing them smaller than they used to!   I love the stripes, and the red…well, anything red attracts me as if I was a hummingbird. 

They aren’t sparkly, but they’re fun and attention-grabbing, which is what they all must be if I must wear reading glasses.  And I must.  Stay tuned for the cool folding pair I got for my purse…

How To Live Forever

May 11, 2009


I listened to a lecture from one of my professors this week, and in it he said something that I thought was appropriate to post around Mother’s Day.

“In order to live forever, you must either be an excellent parent or an excellent teacher.”

It really hit me with it’s simplicity and it made me appreciate my mother, who was both an excellent mother and taught me so much.  I hope I can be as good a mother as she was.  Thanks, Mom!


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