comfort zone

I’ve been thinking a lot about comfort zones recently.  I have to admit that my life is about comfort zones.  Up until now, whenever anyone would suggest that I needed to do something outside my comfort zone, I would reply “every day is outside my comfort zone!” since the divorce.  Learning how to be single again, going back to school, being a single parent, getting a job outside the home, moving and a million other experiences have all forced me outside what used to be my comfort zone.

But it’s time.  Graduating from college last week was the beginning.  While I was still in school there were things I could still avoid changing or confronting – I had all that I could handle at that time.  But lately I have noticed a restlessness in me, and I am realizing that it is time for me to stretch in new ways.  Going back to college showed me that I could go beyond a comfort zone and I could succeed and improve.  Now there is a whole world of boundaries to break through and comfort zones to leave.

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