51.  I am deathly afraid of bats. 

52.  I use too much salt on my food.

53.  I learned to drive a semi as part of a training program for a job with a trucking company.

54.  I spent my 25th birthday sleeping in a semi in a truck stop in PA as part of the same training program.

55.  I only have 25% hearing in my right ear due to damage from one of my jaw surgeries.

56.  I used to sew a lot of my own clothes and I really miss it.  It’s another thing I hope to get back to doing one day.

57.  My favorite flower is the iris.  But I love them all!

58.  I liked being a secretary and I think I was a good one.

59.  When I was younger I wanted to be a cartoonist.

60.  I think a pedicure is the ultimate indulgence.  I love it when my toes look nice.  I gave up on keeping my hands manicured, but my toes are a must!

61.  I LOVE the color red.

62.  I used to wear tinfoil on my teeth (in the privacy of my bedroom!) to pretend I had braces.  I always wanted them, but never needed them.  Later on I was happy about that!

63.  I graduated in the top 10 of my class in high school – number 9, to be exact (out of 288).

64.  I love power tools and am starting my own collection.

65.  I have a collection of antique beaded purses.

66.  I don’t drink coffee, but I do LOVE chai lattes.  Just the smell..heavenly!

67.  I graduated from college summa cum laude.

68.  I was president of my cosmetology class.

69.  I was vice-president of my senior class in high school.

70.  I went to my first high school reunion at the 25 year mark.  I wasn’t ready before that!

71.  I’m a total sucker for brown eyes.

72.  The name of my jewelry business actually started out as a business I had when I worked in a flower shop.  I made dried and silk flower wreaths and arrangements and Sweet Annie is a commonly used (and sweet smelling) dried flower I liked.  Since my brothers called me Annie, I chose it.  When I started making jewelry I just kept the name because I already had a business license.  I didn’t know it would take off!

73.   My favorite chocolates are Dove milk chocolates.  Mmmmm!

74.  I am a total David Cook fan.  I don’t care if that makes me a cougar – he’s hot!

75.  I used to be terrified of stinging insects.  I never got stung until I was 25 years old.  Now as a veteran of many stings I’m not as afraid – I’m still not a big fan, but…

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