Take a “Weird” Break!

June 11, 2009

hanging in tree

This is an excerpt from a post by Leo Babauta of Zen Habits.  It was one of the steps he uses when trying to complete a project, but I found it was really applicable to any work day.  I need to take “weird breaks” on a regular basis.  Don’t you just love the title “weird breaks?”  I’ve been taking them for years and never thought of naming them – thanks to Leo for putting such an appropriate title on them! 

Here”s what Leo says:

I often get mentally locked up because I can’t focus on what is right before me. There are too many options. If I have to write an email, generate a report, and work on a marketing plan then I feel hot and cloudy. My overwhelmed mind just wants to shut down. I usually get up and take a “weird” break to clear my head.

During my break I do something a little weird like take a short walk and hang from a tree branch. I find that it’s tough to worry while hanging from a beautiful tree. Plus, my creativity almost always starts flowing again.

There are so many ways we can pull ourselves out of a stressful state if we just take a moment to be creative.

I can add a few things to this list – I tune into a Latin music channel and dance, or bounce on my exercise ball.  During the last month of college, I would take a break from schoolwork and go to my studio and paint a silk scarf – I can do those quickly and it was a perfect break for me before I went back to the grind.  But everyone can come up with their own “weird list” for these times.  Whatever feels right and gives your brain a change of pace.  I would love to hear some of your suggestions for your weird breaks, also! 

5 Responses to “Take a “Weird” Break!”

  1. AffiliateGeek Says:

    Sometimes I like to go out on the 3rd floor patio at my office a perform a quick yoga session. The Sun Salutation is great for this. Great combination of stretches and breathing. Really helps clear the mind, boost creative juices and get the ole ticker running again! Nice blog by the way. I bookmarked it!

  2. Moriya Says:

    You are absolutely welcome. I didn’t realize that you could see that I bookmarked you. Is that a feature of wordpress?

  3. Did you used to go by AffiliateGeek? The pictures are coming up the same. If so, you told me in your first comment that you had bookmarked me, which I appreciate! If that wasn’t you, I don’t know what wires got crossed in the comments section!

    • AffiliateGeek Says:

      Yes, that’s me. Weird that my screen name changed to my actual name. I should check into that. Also, regarding the book marking… yes, if I said that I bookmarked the site then I did. However, I get confused with the social bookmarking applications. Haven’t spent much time using them. Seems like it would be cool if you could actually view the number of times your site was bookmarked. Maybe you can. If I find out then I’ll write a blog and let you know. Have a good break!

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