van 200000

My van is a 1995 Dodge Astro van.  It turned over 200,000 miles recently, and I live in dread of anything happening to it.  It is big, brown and boxy…but it’s paid for!

I need this van to go a lot further.  I break out in a sweat at the thought that it will die one day.  I have nurtured and sweet-talked this van continuously for years now.  There’s even a shiny spot on the (otherwise dusty) dashboard where I have worn it smooth from rubbing it in appreciation!

The mileage sucks, it’s true, but you can’t beat having no payments and having cheap insurance!  My van can haul anyone or anything.  It runs.  It starts even in our brutal Michigan winters.  It doesn’t even have a cushy garage to rest itself – it has to brave the elements.

I don’t know if it’s scriptural or not to pray for a motor vehicle, but I do for this one.  I think God understands.

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