The words “since my divorce” have been used many times in my blog.  My whole life was defined by this event and it had significance in many arenas, but nowhere has it’s significance been as strong as in the area of my faith.  Since divorce has never felt like the Christian option to me, I had a hard time initially believing that God could approve and bless my divorced status.  I felt like I had somehow failed when the marriage wasn’t able to be fixed.  Surely if I had done something more…something better…prayed harder…

But a couple of weeks after my separation, I was talking to God and in my still-shocked state I accused Him, saying “You promised me that with enough faith, all things were possible!  You promised me a hope and a future!”   I believed that these things meant that He would save my marriage.  This day, however, God spoke back to me, telling me that He intended those things for ME.  All of a sudden I understood that those verses that I had claimed were all true…just not in the way I had thought them to mean.  He has promised me a hope and a future…just not one with my X. 

The Lord has provided.  Has he ever provided!  Just when I was sure I couldn’t take anymore.  Just when the wallet got down to the last dollar.  Just when anxiety would threaten to overtake me.  He blessed me with wonderful friends and family, he blessed me with monetary provision, he blessed me with Himself and His promises.

I am approaching 3 years since my husband left.  Yesterday a friend called to offer to pay for my computer to be fixed. (darned viruses!)  Another friend called today for the same thing…I have people fighting to help me with my problems!  Yesterday I also received a receipt in the mail that someone had paid several hundred dollars on an outstanding bill…anonymously.  Another day last week a restaurant gift card arrived.  A gallery sold an amazing amount of my jewelry.  The phone calls kept coming… amazing provision…yet again…still!

I am in a time of need in my life, and God worked through all these wonderful people to provide for myself and my family.  He promised, and He provides.

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