OMG.  OMG!  I had a vision of a whole different life over the weekend. 

I blogged recently about a road trip I was taking with my kids, and some of the anxiety that it was causing me.  Then my brother showed me his new Garmin GPS unit.

My father got one of the first personal GPS units, and he took classes to try to figure the thing out.  It was complex and difficult.  That was the image of them I had in my mind, and I literally had no idea how user-friendly they had become.  Call me ignorant, but I was blown away by my brother’s new GPS.

This thing literally shows your car driving you down the road and talks to you to tell you what exits to take, etc.  It reconfigures the directions when you make a wrong turn or choose another route.  Best of all, even I could see how easy it was to figure out.  If I can use a cell phone, I can use this GPS!

I felt the tightness releasing from my shoulders as my brother showed me his GPS.  I could go anywhere!  No more worry about getting lost! No more holding back from going to strange places or big cities because I didn’t know where I was going.  All for only about $125 dollars.

OMG.  Independence.  Freedom.  Fearlessness!

Here I come, world.

Superwoman was not a mother. ..

Superwoman wasn’t a single mother trying to do it all. ..

Superwoman wasn’t middle-aged!!

I still have a bad habit of comparing myself to others.  I spent this past weekend at my brother and sister-in-laws house, and it is SO clean and organized.  I came home depressed because I know for sure my home will never look like that.  Several of my friends can’t relax until their homes are clean.  For some reason, I don’t have that problem!

Is it a cleaning gene that I’m lacking?  Do I have too many things on my plate?  I know that I try to do too much at every given moment and that my housework suffers.  But what is the answer?  Should I do less so I can clean more?

I heard a saying once that said “Home should be clean enough to be healthy and dirty enough to be happy” and I guess I”m just going to have to content myself with that.  I am too old to totally change now.  I will never strive for the cleanest house on the block.  I have no problem watching American Idol with the kids instead of cleaning.  I look forward to sleeping in on my day off instead of getting my house clean.   Give me a good book and the dust can settle around me!

So maybe I’m setting a bad example.  But my kids will have to discover whether or not they carry the cleaning gene.  Until then I will have to settle for a home that is clean enough to be healthy but dirty enough to be happy!

January Road Trip

January 22, 2010

 We’re hitting the road tomorrow.

My daughter has to be a couple of hours away for an Honors Band for two days.  After we bring her there, my son and I are heading south a couple of hours to visit my brother and his family.  So, there will be a lot of driving involved.

Driving on trips is kind of a new thing to me.  During my marriage, my X always drove.  Always.  It was his thing, and I didn’t care.  We barely ever travelled anyway (he also wouldn’t fly) but after a number of years I realized I was timid about driving places (not that I went anywhere!)  After the divorce I have taken pride in several road trips we’ve made.  I’ve gone to Minneapolis a couple of times to visit another brother.  This isn’t my first trip to Madison.  We even went to South Dakota with my brother, and I was amazed that it wasn’t that complicated to get there.  I could have done it.

I can drive.  I’ve actually had my license longer than my X.  So why is driving places such a big deal?

It’s not.  I can drive to big cities.  If I get lost, I have a cell phone.  I have maps.  My son has an internet phone with GPS.  This is not rocket science. 

It’s just a road trip.

I saw this on Alltop and thought it was really cool.  I have always loved crayons.  Coloring was my first love, and color is my drug of choice.  I used to be SO excited at that new box of crayons every fall for school…my Mom was the best because I always got the BIG box…you know, the one with several tiers of crayons…oodles of colors and pointed little tips.  Heaven.   Sheer heaven. 

Crayola released its first box of crayons back in 1903 with eight standard colors — red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, brown and black — and a price tag of five cents. Nowadays, a box of crayons weighs about five pounds and contains as many as 150 crayons. How many shades of pink can even exist? Well, according to the crayon kings, about 14.

Weather Sealed has a interesting chart showing the evolution of Crayola colors over the past 107 years. Looks like Crayola will need to invent some sort of Costco-sized crayon tub to hold its explosion of color because, by 2050, the company will boast 330 different crayons if it continues at the current growth rate of 2.56 percent annually.

My kids are teenagers and out of that crayon buying stage.  Kind of a shame.  I liked being the best mom ever because I always bought them the biggest box of crayons.

Single Mom Survival Guide

January 20, 2010

Here’s my infinite wisdom for surviving life as a single mother:

Let it go…

Let it go…

Let it go…

Let it go…

Let it go…

Let it go…

Let it go…

Let it go…

Let it go…

Let it go…

I am speechless at someone’s creative brilliance.  I wasn’t looking for anything in particular, just blog hopping, when I came across this post by Ali Edwards on her blog.

 What a brilliant idea of how to cherish those beautiful Christmas cards sent to us and all the wonderful photos!  I have to admit to being stumped as to how to save the sentiment…now that problem is solved!

I have noticed that the number of actual cards is dwindling, while e-cards and letters are increasing.  I’m not judging – my cards haven’t been sent out yet! – but I do value the time and effort (and expense) friends and family put into the cards, not to mention all the family pictures and letters.  This scrapbooking idea pays homage to the efforts of the senders and helps to cherish the Christmas spirit for many years to come.

Stop by Ali’s blog – it’s full of wonderful ideas on preserving memories.  I know you will get great ideas, too!



I never thought of myself as a “faux” candle person…until I saw this one. 

It caught my eye at the store where it was marked down 50% right before Christmas.  It smelled so good and looked really nice.  They have a really realistic flicker, also, not one of those strobe-like ones that nearly cause seizures.  AH HA!  Inspiration! !  A candle my father would actually let my mother have lit!  He has a fear of fires and never lets her burn candles.  I bought the first one as a joke…the next 7 I  bought because they were just so…SMART.

What about my friend with the new boyfriend?  AH HA!   Bedroom mood lighting problem solved – no more worrying about falling asleep with a candle burning!  (You’re welcome, toots – candlelight is the most flattering!)

Married friends who already have everything…repeat the mood lighting idea…AH HA!

My Goddaughters ooohed and aaaahed over the candle I gave their folks…AH HA!  Dorm ban on burning candles solved!  It was great because I heard them wish they had one and I had already bought them each one already.

Brother with an empty mantle…AH HA!

Self…just because I love it and don’t have to worry!

And one in reserve for someone I just know I forgot – or a birthday that will sneak up on me.  I’m ready.

These candles were the hit of Christmas, and gave off a lovely fragrance because the wax outside is scented like vanilla.  The wick is even black for realism!

My mom called me a couple days after Christmas to tell me how much my Dad was enjoying the candle.  She said he’s the one that turns it on!  That makes this gift one I put in the success column for Christmas 2009!

My Favorite New Thing!

January 3, 2010

I came across this bottle the last time I was at a local gift boutique called Trends & Traditions.  What a hoot!  I was so tickled by it I had to buy it.  What a great idea!

Breast self-examination is a very important part of women’s health care.  This shower gel is a fresh-smelling, visual reminder to women to do our exams regularly! 

In addition to being reminder in the shower, with every purchase of “Boob Check” a donation is made to Breast Cancer Research.

The product is made for

Remind the women you love to do their exams…Save the Ta-Ta’s!

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