I never thought of myself as a “faux” candle person…until I saw this one. 

It caught my eye at the store where it was marked down 50% right before Christmas.  It smelled so good and looked really nice.  They have a really realistic flicker, also, not one of those strobe-like ones that nearly cause seizures.  AH HA!  Inspiration! !  A candle my father would actually let my mother have lit!  He has a fear of fires and never lets her burn candles.  I bought the first one as a joke…the next 7 I  bought because they were just so…SMART.

What about my friend with the new boyfriend?  AH HA!   Bedroom mood lighting problem solved – no more worrying about falling asleep with a candle burning!  (You’re welcome, toots – candlelight is the most flattering!)

Married friends who already have everything…repeat the mood lighting idea…AH HA!

My Goddaughters ooohed and aaaahed over the candle I gave their folks…AH HA!  Dorm ban on burning candles solved!  It was great because I heard them wish they had one and I had already bought them each one already.

Brother with an empty mantle…AH HA!

Self…just because I love it and don’t have to worry!

And one in reserve for someone I just know I forgot – or a birthday that will sneak up on me.  I’m ready.

These candles were the hit of Christmas, and gave off a lovely fragrance because the wax outside is scented like vanilla.  The wick is even black for realism!

My mom called me a couple days after Christmas to tell me how much my Dad was enjoying the candle.  She said he’s the one that turns it on!  That makes this gift one I put in the success column for Christmas 2009!

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