On Happily-Ever-After…

January 30, 2011

Tell me, did Cinderella live happily ever after without a struggle?  Did Sleeping Beauty live happily ever after without a trauma?  Did Rapunzel live happily ever after without grief?  Did Hansel and Gretel live happily ever after without deprivation?  Did Jack and the beanstalk live happily ever after without risk?  Did Thumbelina live happily ever after without sacrifice?  Are there an fairy tales without any dragons?

Where in the world, then, did we ever get the notion that to live happily ever after means to live without trouble?  For when we look at fairy tales we find it’s not the absence of dragons – but the taming of dragons – that ushers in happily ever after. 

By Brenda Wilbee, from my Women’s Devotional Bible

Closet Diva…

January 23, 2011


I have always blamed it on the fact I was the only girl with four brothers. Testosterone flowed freely at my house. No matter what the subject, I was overruled. My childhood was dotted with family gatherings to watch vulnerable animals being chased down on “Wild Kingdom,” and family night consisted of popcorn and All Star Wrestling on TV. My wardrobe was hand me downs from the guys (on the plus side, I had more worn-in Levi’s than any other girl in school!) I had a “pixie” haircut. We had 1 bathroom, and God forbid I should leave something girly around. Even my Mom, bless her heart, had too much to do to indulge in a lot of girliness.

It was only natural I would turn into a Closet Diva.

I started buying teen fashion magazines before anyone else. I started spending my money on makeup and sending for every cologne sample the magazines offered. I didn’t have money or opportunity to buy clothes, but I learned how to sew in the ninth grade and never looked back!

My first real job was as a retail salesperson in a mall store, and the rest is history. Can you say clothing discount???? I worked up to retail assistant manager after a stint in Cosmetology school, and yet my worship of everything fashion and beauty wasn’t quenched. I had the wardrobe, I did hair, what was left?

The answer came when my children were small. I began making jewelry. I have now been in business 9 years and have been very successful at it. I had to start selling it because I became so addicted to buying beads and making jewelry that I needed an outlet!

Now if I could just learn to make shoes…


January 16, 2011





It was a difficult sheet of music.

Laboriously she struggled –

Measure by measure

Note by note.

Fianlly with ten-year-old exasperation

She presssed her fists into her cheeks;

“I know I’m playing the right notes

But I just don’t hear the music!”

O God, what a vivid portrait

Of our harried and hectic lives;

We live in the right houses

Give to the right charities

And read the right books.

We sit in the right church pews

Speak to the right people

And smile the right smiles.

We buy the right clothes

And drive the right cars

And join the right clubs.

Yet, far too often

There’s a mysterious emptiness –

A futility in the midst of activity.

The music is missing.

O God

You alone can create new songs

In the depths of our jangled hearts. Take over.             

                     -Ruth Harms Calkin

A Place Called Happiness…

January 11, 2011

It should have been a simple question.  “What does being happy mean to you, Mom?” my daughter asked me tonight while doing a survey for her Psychology class. 

What does being happy mean to me?  It seems so long since I actually felt happy.  Oh, I know there are moments… hours…maybe parts of a day when I feel happy.  Is that what happiness is?  Or is there more?

I don’t know what makes me happy anymore with any sort of certainty, except my children.  When I think of how I would like to feel at the end of my life, happy isn’t the word I think of.  I think of contentment, peacefulness, satisfaction.  Is that what happiness is for everyone else?  Or am I missing something?

Will I ever get there, to this place they call happiness?  Is there such a place?

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