My Biggest Fan…

May 19, 2011

I have now been making jewelry for about 12 years or so.  When I was in my early years, I got lucky enough to gain a fan named Kim.  She and I went to church together, and I had always admired her style and class, so I was thrilled when she liked my jewelry and asked me to do some custom work for her.  I don’t remember the details but I ended up making her a front toggle necklace in elegant Swarovski Crystals, pearls and Sterling Silver that has been a favorite of hers, and every time she gets compliments (which she says is every time she wears it) she encourages me to make more of this style of necklace. 

In addition, she has since ordered several more of the same necklace – she gave one to her daughter-in-law Keren at her graduation from medical school.  Kim shared this with me:

“My daughter-in-law was in line at Walgreens in Milwaukee when the check-out girl told her how beautiful her necklace was (the one you made identical to mine).  Keren proceeded to tell her that her mother-in-law gave it to her.  The girl then said “I wish I had a mother-in-law like that!”

Kim recently sent me this photo showing both her and her daughter-in-law wearing their necklaces. 

This picture shows Kim’s daughter Tess wearing a different front toggle necklace I made her using black more black onyx and Sterling.

Aren’t they lovely?  Thanks, Kim, for being such a good friend and such a great advertisement for my designs!

So just for you, Kim, here is my most recent necklace (already on display at Trends and Traditions) …a front toggle necklace with Swarovski Crystal, Swarovski pearls and Sterling Silver.


More to come, too!


I attended my daughter’s last high school choir concert last night.  One of the songs was a particular favorite of hers because it’s so lovely, plus it’s from “Gabriel’s Oboe” and she is an oboeist.

The words to the song were in the program and I fell in love with them too.  Although they sang them in Italian (beautiful!) I will just give the English translation as it was shown in the program.

Nella Fantasia (In My Fantasy)

In My Fantasy I see a world of justice,

Where all people live in peace and honesty.

I dream of a world where spirits will be always free;

They will be ever free like floating clouds

Full of humanity within the deepest soul.

In my fantasy I see a world of radiance

Where darkest nights are ever brighter.

I dream of a world where spirits will be always free;

They will be ever free like floating clouds

Full of humanity.

In my fantasy I feel the caress of the warm wind

That breathes over the city like an old friend,

I dream of a world where spirits will be always free,

They will be ever free like floating clouds

Full of humanity within the deepest soul.

 Music by Ennio Morricone and lyrics by Chiara Ferrau

A Creative Mess…

May 5, 2011

“A creative mess is better than idle tidiness.”      ~ Michael J. Fox

No idle tidiness on my beading table…I am and always will be a creative mess!


I don’t know when I started collecting antique purses.  I just know that somewhere in my late teens or early 20’s I bought one and my collection just kind of grew from there.  It’s not a huge collection, but I have some classics and a lot of memories.  Many of the memories come from the shopping excursions my mother and I took, and the many hours we spent in secondhand stores and wonderful antique galleries.  We hit the best places! Other memories come from the occasions that myself and others used these beautiful bags…

This is the most popular purse in my collection.  Several of my friends have borrowed it for their wedding day, as well as a couple of friends of my daughter for prom. It is patterned with sequins and crystals sewn on to it and is a lovely ivory shade, making it a perfect vintage accent.

Here’s another bridal/prom favorite. It is embroidered all over with white seed beads and sequins.

Here’s one that my mom gave me…I’m not sure where she got it from…probably on one of our shopping trips when I had already bought too much and couldn’t justify another antique purse!  It’s a really pretty lavendar and covered in seed beeds, although it really doesn’t show in the photograph.  It has an embellished lucite handle that is gorgeous.  I don’t know when I got custody of this purse, either, but that was probably my mom’s plan all along… 

While I love my huge purses, there is a part of me that wishes to be back in the time of elegance, when all a woman needed to carry was a lipstick and a handkerchief in a gorgeous purse like this.

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