Nativity Art Exhibit…

November 16, 2010

Nativity Art Exhibit

Sponsored by Menominee Area Arts Council

Saturday, December 4, 10 am – 4 pm

First Presbyterian Church, corner of 10th Ave & 5th Street, Menominee, MI

Advent season display of nativities (creche) from around the world.  Hands on art activities for the young and young at heart.  Seasonal music by local musicians.  Christmas books and refreshments.

And this year, Sweet Annie’s Jewelry will be displaying her Christian line of jewelry at the Nativity Exhibit!  I have done Salvation Jewelry, Twenty-third Psalm Jewelry and more for years, but I have been inspired to create some new designs for this year, plus I’m going to feature some beautiful Nativity Sterling Silver Charms will a Swarovski Crystal accent as a keepsake.

It promises to be an uplifting and inspiring day…join us if you can!

I am speechless at someone’s creative brilliance.  I wasn’t looking for anything in particular, just blog hopping, when I came across this post by Ali Edwards on her blog.

 What a brilliant idea of how to cherish those beautiful Christmas cards sent to us and all the wonderful photos!  I have to admit to being stumped as to how to save the sentiment…now that problem is solved!

I have noticed that the number of actual cards is dwindling, while e-cards and letters are increasing.  I’m not judging – my cards haven’t been sent out yet! – but I do value the time and effort (and expense) friends and family put into the cards, not to mention all the family pictures and letters.  This scrapbooking idea pays homage to the efforts of the senders and helps to cherish the Christmas spirit for many years to come.

Stop by Ali’s blog – it’s full of wonderful ideas on preserving memories.  I know you will get great ideas, too!



I never thought of myself as a “faux” candle person…until I saw this one. 

It caught my eye at the store where it was marked down 50% right before Christmas.  It smelled so good and looked really nice.  They have a really realistic flicker, also, not one of those strobe-like ones that nearly cause seizures.  AH HA!  Inspiration! !  A candle my father would actually let my mother have lit!  He has a fear of fires and never lets her burn candles.  I bought the first one as a joke…the next 7 I  bought because they were just so…SMART.

What about my friend with the new boyfriend?  AH HA!   Bedroom mood lighting problem solved – no more worrying about falling asleep with a candle burning!  (You’re welcome, toots – candlelight is the most flattering!)

Married friends who already have everything…repeat the mood lighting idea…AH HA!

My Goddaughters ooohed and aaaahed over the candle I gave their folks…AH HA!  Dorm ban on burning candles solved!  It was great because I heard them wish they had one and I had already bought them each one already.

Brother with an empty mantle…AH HA!

Self…just because I love it and don’t have to worry!

And one in reserve for someone I just know I forgot – or a birthday that will sneak up on me.  I’m ready.

These candles were the hit of Christmas, and gave off a lovely fragrance because the wax outside is scented like vanilla.  The wick is even black for realism!

My mom called me a couple days after Christmas to tell me how much my Dad was enjoying the candle.  She said he’s the one that turns it on!  That makes this gift one I put in the success column for Christmas 2009!

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