I have no idea if this dessert has another name, or if my mom made this up.  She always said this dessert was named this because it was so easy any idiot could make it.  Regardless of the name, it was a favorite all my growing up years, and it is my kids favorite, also.  My son turned twelve today and we made it for him to take to school as we have been doing since my daughter was in kindergarten – eleven years ago – and for each of their birthdays since.  The teachers and administrators look forward to it and it is the most requested dessert recipe I’ve ever had.

This time, however, my son insisted on doing the whole thing himself.  Keep in mind there is no official recipe, but I’m just telling you what amounts we used.  It changes every time we make it, depending on the crowd we’re feeding. 

Call it whatever you want and enjoy!

100_11051We used 4 bags of Chips Ahoy cookies, 4 tubs of Cool-Whip, and 2 cans of evaporated (not condensed) milk.  I use disposable aluminum pans to send to school, but any baking dish will do.  Remember this was for an extra-large crowd, so this recipe can be halved and quartered easily!

100_11062Pour the evaporated milk into a shallow bowl.  Dip the cookies, one at a time, into the evaporated milk.  Flip so the cookie is wet all over, but don’t soak.  Remove the cookie and place it in the baking pan.  Continue until there is a layer of cookies on the bottom of the pan.

100_11101When the layer is completed, use a rubber spatula to spread a generous layer of Cool-Whip over the top of the cookies.  Repeat another layer of dipped cookies, and repeat the Cool-Whip layer.  I do this up to three layers, but two is good if that’s the pan size that you’re using.

When your layers are complete and you have spread the Cool-Whip on the top, sprinkle a little crumbled cookie on the top for decoration and chill overnight.  The cookies soften and it makes a super-yummy dessert!   Wasn’t that easy?


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