I saw this on Alltop and thought it was really cool.  I have always loved crayons.  Coloring was my first love, and color is my drug of choice.  I used to be SO excited at that new box of crayons every fall for school…my Mom was the best because I always got the BIG box…you know, the one with several tiers of crayons…oodles of colors and pointed little tips.  Heaven.   Sheer heaven. 

Crayola released its first box of crayons back in 1903 with eight standard colors — red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, brown and black — and a price tag of five cents. Nowadays, a box of crayons weighs about five pounds and contains as many as 150 crayons. How many shades of pink can even exist? Well, according to the crayon kings, about 14.

Weather Sealed has a interesting chart showing the evolution of Crayola colors over the past 107 years. Looks like Crayola will need to invent some sort of Costco-sized crayon tub to hold its explosion of color because, by 2050, the company will boast 330 different crayons if it continues at the current growth rate of 2.56 percent annually.

My kids are teenagers and out of that crayon buying stage.  Kind of a shame.  I liked being the best mom ever because I always bought them the biggest box of crayons.

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