Yamming and Jamming…

February 25, 2009



Sunday after church we had a YAM session.  YAM stands for Youth Art Ministry, and when we have a day we call it a YAM Jam!  My friend Karen and I started the group several years ago.  We wanted to use our own unique gifts to contribute to the Youth Ministry.  It has gone really well, and the teens really seem to enjoy it. 

The kids themselves are like blank canvases.  So many of them have never really done art projects before.  Karen and I like to break rules and shake things up, so I think that surprises them.  We stress that many rules in art are meant to be broken, that there really aren’t any mistakes.  We want them to have fun,  express themselves and get a chance to laugh, gab and learn something new.

We have done altered books, acrylic painting, collage, wire work, creating with corrugated cardboard, duct tape celebration, tattooed clothing, and more.  We like to play lively music and really listen to the kids.  They have a lot to share, and they have ended up teaching us a lot, too. 


The above shirt was made by Tim, our Youth Pastor, who encourages us and makes it all possible.

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