Friends Forever

July 23, 2009


My kids and I have a family that are among our very best friends.  They used to live in our town and go to the same church as us, but several years ago they moved far, far away.  Now we see them approximately once a year when they visit.  Did I mention they live far away?? 

They are in town this week and we got to see them tonight.  It is always bittersweet because the visits go too quickly and there is so much time in-between them.  But my kids and I are always so blessed by the way it always seems like not a day has passed when we get together – no awkwardness, no hesitations…just right back to that special closeness that is the symbol of true friendship.  We are blessed to have it in our lives no matter how much distance separates us physically.  We know somewhere out there is someone who will always be our friend.

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