I never thought of myself as a “faux” candle person…until I saw this one. 

It caught my eye at the store where it was marked down 50% right before Christmas.  It smelled so good and looked really nice.  They have a really realistic flicker, also, not one of those strobe-like ones that nearly cause seizures.  AH HA!  Inspiration! !  A candle my father would actually let my mother have lit!  He has a fear of fires and never lets her burn candles.  I bought the first one as a joke…the next 7 I  bought because they were just so…SMART.

What about my friend with the new boyfriend?  AH HA!   Bedroom mood lighting problem solved – no more worrying about falling asleep with a candle burning!  (You’re welcome, toots – candlelight is the most flattering!)

Married friends who already have everything…repeat the mood lighting idea…AH HA!

My Goddaughters ooohed and aaaahed over the candle I gave their folks…AH HA!  Dorm ban on burning candles solved!  It was great because I heard them wish they had one and I had already bought them each one already.

Brother with an empty mantle…AH HA!

Self…just because I love it and don’t have to worry!

And one in reserve for someone I just know I forgot – or a birthday that will sneak up on me.  I’m ready.

These candles were the hit of Christmas, and gave off a lovely fragrance because the wax outside is scented like vanilla.  The wick is even black for realism!

My mom called me a couple days after Christmas to tell me how much my Dad was enjoying the candle.  She said he’s the one that turns it on!  That makes this gift one I put in the success column for Christmas 2009!


mom for blog

A client of mine recently contacted me to do a piece for her.  She had a bracelet made by her child on a piece of black string.  It had 7 brightly colored beads on it. The bracelet was her pride and joy.  But she was concerned about longevity.  She wanted to make it a strong piece of jewelry she could wear every day and keep for posterity and did I have any ideas?

The main thing for her and for me was keeping it as close to the original design as possible.  I strung black seed beads and then 4mm onyx beads between the original colored wood beads to hold them in place.  I used pewter letter beads to spell out “MOM” in between and finished it off with a toggle closure. The 2009 charm will be a reminder of when her son gave her the bracelet.

I really admired her desire to keep the bracelet as close to the original as possible.  She could have added and changed the design to make it more fashionable.  She could have put it away in a drawer and never worn it.  Instead she thought of a way to preserve both the memory of the gift and the original design.  I believe this client and I created something she will be able to treasure for years to come.

What do you think?

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