This is a great article by Jim Palmer of  Divine Nobodies .  A friend sent it to me, so I don’t know if it was on his blog or in a devotional, but it means a lot to me and I wanted to share it.  He breaks the things he learned down into six items, and I am sharing each of these with you individually.

Connect with the Real Deep Inside You

What allows you to be moved by the beauty of a sunrise?  How can a song on the radio or a scene in a movie bring you to tears?  What is that deep connection you sometimes feel with others?  How do you account for those out-of-the-blue moments of bliss when you feel free and at peace?  From where do these deep feelings of love and compassion come from?  Pay attention to your deepest feelings, and what stirs deep inside of you.  Stay connected to those deep feelings.  Listen to them.  Act on them.  Don’t skim life on the surface.  It may be that your deep emotional pain opens the door for you to be more aware and connected with the real you deep inside.

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