January Road Trip

January 22, 2010

 We’re hitting the road tomorrow.

My daughter has to be a couple of hours away for an Honors Band for two days.  After we bring her there, my son and I are heading south a couple of hours to visit my brother and his family.  So, there will be a lot of driving involved.

Driving on trips is kind of a new thing to me.  During my marriage, my X always drove.  Always.  It was his thing, and I didn’t care.  We barely ever travelled anyway (he also wouldn’t fly) but after a number of years I realized I was timid about driving places (not that I went anywhere!)  After the divorce I have taken pride in several road trips we’ve made.  I’ve gone to Minneapolis a couple of times to visit another brother.  This isn’t my first trip to Madison.  We even went to South Dakota with my brother, and I was amazed that it wasn’t that complicated to get there.  I could have done it.

I can drive.  I’ve actually had my license longer than my X.  So why is driving places such a big deal?

It’s not.  I can drive to big cities.  If I get lost, I have a cell phone.  I have maps.  My son has an internet phone with GPS.  This is not rocket science. 

It’s just a road trip.

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