My friend Kari and I came up with this fun and easy project for an Art Camp we were leading at the local UW Campus for their Summer Program.  We purchased a number of empty paint cans from our local paint store. (about .50 cents each for the smaller size, approx. $1 for the large, which are loads of fun, too!)  We punched holes with an awl and hammer in each side near the top, directly across from each other. The rough edges are under the brim of the paint can and didn’t pose too many issues.

 We spent quite a bit of time letting the students cut pieces out of magazines, catalogs and wallpaper books, which we then applied with mod podge and/or hot glue to the outside. Some people chose more substantial things like buttons, beads, etc. that needed to be glued with hot glue first.  Then the entire surface is covered with a layer or mod podge.  The matching lids can be decorated or discarded.

 Then we cut a length of wire approximately 2 feet long.  On mine I started a loose and uneven abstract coil and put large beads along its length.  String each wire end through one of the holes in the paint can and twist to join on the inside near the rim.  Voila!  It’s an easy container that you can use in multiple ways.  My friend Karen and I have since used this idea during the YAM (Youth Art Ministry) program that we facilitate at our church and it was just as popular. 

I have one of these collaged containers holding all of my paintbrushes and another holds all of our multicolor sharpie pens.  These could be used to present small personalized gifts or customized for holidays…the only limits are in your imagination!

It’s a fun and easy way to store things and to express your creativity at the same time!

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