Meet the 4th member of our family – our cat, Laney.  We got Laney when she was a tiny kitten.  She was adopted from the Menominee Animal Shelter right before Christmas in 2006.  We had just moved from the family home during my divorce, and I knew what we needed was a kitty to make this house into a home.

From the start Laney has been the cuddliest cat I’ve ever had.  On the weekends when the kids are gone with their father, she is especially attentive to me.  On our first Christmas alone together, she stayed in bed with me all day and let me pet and pamper her…wasn’t that nice of her??

As I’m writing this, Laney is lying across one of my arms…kind of hard to ignore her when she’s doing that!  But I usually don’t want to, because Laney is excellent company.  She doesn’t care if I cry – she just lets me pet her until I feel better.  She doesn’t care if I’m stressed, she just lets me pet her until I feel more relaxed.  What a wonderful kitty to let me feel what I feel!

One thing I don’t feel around her is lonely…not as long as I have Laney.

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