I Dream of Turquoise




The Urban Hope Entrepreneur Center of Green Bay has announced that Diane Erickson of Sweet Annie’s Jewelry was chosen as one of the business plan winners from its recent classes.  The winners, who are from throughout the New North, were selected from 50 participants from two classes and will be awarded grants.  The sponsorship for the current grants was made possible by Morgan Stanley Investment Management. 



Truth be told, I wasn’t even going to finish writing this business plan.  The goal of the classes was to teach us practical business skills, the most essential being a good business plan worthy of presenting to a bank for financing.  Since my brother was providing the funds for my website and I really haven’t got strong financial records to show, I wasn’t planning on putting in the work to even join the business plan contest.  But since I don’t like to leave things unfinished, I completed the plan – actually putting in more time than I ever thought was necessary, and turned it into the Urban Hope Business Plan Competition on the very last day possible, hoping I wasn’t making a fool of my self with my “little” plan.


You can imagine my joy when I got the call saying I was one of the eight winners.  In addition to the grant to help pay business expenses, I felt like it was such a validation of my hard work on Sweet Annie’s Jewelry.  So much for my little “hobby business”…I felt (rightly) like the real deal.  Studies have shown that businesses who have a formal business plan are much more likely to still be in business several years later.



Who would have thought those Christmas gift bracelets would have taken me on this journey?

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