Cheaters Collection #3

May 28, 2009


This is my latest addition.  Here is my purse pair of cheaters.  They are a really lightweight, foldable pair of reading glasses that I can keep handy in the side pocket of my purse.  They are a really cool frosted look frame with black and tan houndstooth accenting and sides.  The company name is Trendies and the style is Twisties.

Once I mastered the twist and fold technique, I had to add these to my quickly growing collection.  As promised, I will continue to show them to you as I acquire them.  I now run around the house looking for reading glasses all the time, so I am determined to have a pair in every room, in my workshop downstairs and with me at all times!  And maybe just a few for fun to shake things up.

A few years ago I saw a pair of red rhinestone studded cheaters and I loved them, but I didn’t need them at the time.  I can see myself wearing those, so I am going to search for a pair like that!  Gaudy, maybe, but I think I would enjoy wearing them just for me…it would be kind of like wearing a crown when vacuuming or doing dishes  (I’m not admitting to anything…!)



striped glasses

Don’t you just dig these?  I found these at a shop in Green Bay and had to have them!   They are a little stronger (+1.25) than my others, so I thought they’d work well for beading, because I think there’s a conspiracy among the bead makers and they’re sizing them smaller than they used to!   I love the stripes, and the red…well, anything red attracts me as if I was a hummingbird. 

They aren’t sparkly, but they’re fun and attention-grabbing, which is what they all must be if I must wear reading glasses.  And I must.  Stay tuned for the cool folding pair I got for my purse…



Karen and I got together to do art again tonight.  Actually I made jewelry and she strung the beading on her daughter’s bridal veil.  We had to laugh and preserve for posterity the picture of us in our “cheaters”…did we ever laugh!  We’ve been making art together since we were teenagers, and when we get together we still act like them! 

Even if our eyes aren’t what they used to be…!

Make Sure To Sparkle!

March 13, 2009


I finally had to surrender to the inevitable…I need reading glasses.  I’ve been fighting it for awhile now, but I put on a pair of the lowest “cheaters” and WOW!  It was no longer so difficult  to read.  All the letters were larger and clearer.  Figures it took me until my last semester of college to accept this!…all those headaches and all that eye strain for nothing! Not to mention how much easier it’s going to be to make jewelry…I will be able to see the small bead holes again!

Aren’t my new glasses cool?  I only paid $18, but they make me feel better than a lot of the checkout counter pairs.  I’m going to get a whole wardrobe of them and put them everywhere.

So, even though I’m bowing to the inevitable changes by accepting this, I have a new motto.  If life gives you reading glasses, make sure they sparkle!

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