This morning was an awesome church service for Easter.  The ladies made a huge breakfast for anyone who wanted to come (it was delicious!) and the service itself…well, it was inspiring.  The music and drama ministries were top notch.  The sermon was incredible.  People were lifted in their hearts at the emotional morning.

I learned a bit of trivia this morning, also.  The most common day for the Easter holiday to fall on is April 19th.  During the service it came to me that the anniversary of my divorce was April 18th.  My brain made the connection that for me, April 19th would be a day of rebirth and renewal in more ways than just Easter!  It will from now on symbolize my new life – not only in Christ but on earth as an independent being. 

While the divorce was not my desire, nearly two years has passed.  I am healing and growing and getting on with my life.  I am ready to be re-born.

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