Visual Inspiration

April 14, 2009


While browsing around at Etsy recently, I was blown away by the photograph above.  I loved the poppy pods, and I LOVED the “shabby chic” or vintage look to the photo.

After clicking over to ScarletBeautiful’s Etsy store, I learned that this photo is part of her “Through the Viewfinder” series.  Basically, these photos are taken though the viewfinder of any camera with another camera.  Who would have thunk it?  Not me!  I can’t look at this enough. 

But was this the only thing I loved?  Not by a long shot.  There were many other beautiful shots using this technique, and tons of others that were such visual inspiration for me.  I just had to write ScarletBeautiful and ask permission to share this with my readers.

While Etsy is a great place to find cool stuff to buy, it is also like a virtual gallery, where every page brings more creativity right to your computer screen.  I encourage you to visit today and get inspired!

My Etsy site  is there, also, if you’re interested in taking a look…!

Thought For the Day…

March 7, 2009

“It’s not what you look at that matter. It’s what you see.”   -Thoreau

I’m trying to learn the art of really paying attention to every moment.  Of being aware of the moments that go by at lightening speed.  People miss the majority of what goes on around them because we can’t possibly process it all.  But most of us even miss much of the rest because of distractions. 

I’m trying to lessen my distractions and really see things around me.  I’m going to start carrying my camera in my purse again to capture some of the everyday things I see.  I don’t want to miss it all.  I am amazed by what others see and create, and I want that vision back.  I don’t want to be too distracted not to see all that I can possibly process in my life.  I am going to try to share some of the visual inspirations that come my way in future posts…stay tuned!

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