I had loads of good old-fashioned fun last weekend.  I went back to my craftsy roots by weaving a batch of potholders.  

 I started making potholders as a young girl – my mother bought me a square loom and the loops from the dime store, and I took to it right away.  I made so many potholders that I decided to begin to sell them to my neighbors.  Around the block I went, selling my potholders.  Every couple of months I’d make the rounds again.  God bless those neighbors – they always bought from me! Anyway, I take out the loom every couple of years when my potholders start getting either too worn out or dirty and make myself some new ones.  Usually, though, the selection of loops I have found is serviceable but uninspiring.

 But not this time!

 I was looking through the Uncommon Goods catalog and spotted gorgeous, bright-colored loops and I knew I HAD to order them.  I didn’t know such beautiful loops existed!  I ordered them and I was so excited when they came I spent the whole weekend making these beautiful potholders. I think my kids thought I was crazy (obsessed) but I really enjoyed the soothing rhythm of the weaving process again, working the colors into random patterns.  It made me happy.

 I have since checked out the website of the company that manufactures the loops, Harrisville Designs, and found out I can order loops by color! (be still my heart!) Oh, my…I hope my neighbors need potholders…

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