What? I have to be a businesswoman, too?

May 7, 2008

Italian Fantasy

One of the most difficult aspects for me in being a jewelry designer is the business aspect. While marketing ideas come easily, and I enjoy this part, the nuts and bolts stuff doesn’t.  As an artist, I have a more free-flowing mentality, so a really structured work day does not suit me.  However, as a single mom, college student, businesswoman and etc., I have to have some structure in my life. And now that I got a part time job to help out with extra expenses that have been cropping up, getting better organized is absolutely imperative.

I”ve been reading more about getting organized ( again, LOVE the concept, but I’m really easily-distracted from the task!), marketing my website, improving my blog, social networking and in general just really overwhelming myself.  Last night I went to bed thinking “Forget all the rest of this stuff…I just want to make jewelry!”  But here the vicious circle comes in.  In order to make more jewelry, I need to sell jewelry to afford to buy the beads I crave.  I could not possibly wear all the jewelry that I want to make.  There are people who want my jewelry and keep me making it. It seems foolish not to pursue something that I love that can also provide an income stream.

Creative time, or non-structured time, is some of my most productive.  Unfortunately, sometimes it’s 10:00 p.m.  Or 2:00 a.m. It can happen anytime of the day, and it’s not easily scheduled in.  Sometimes when I have the mindset of “I have to make jewelry” I can sit at my table and nothing works.  Nothing apeals to me.  I start things and hate them.  Or I break crimps, drop beads, and just mess things up.  So this time tends to be a total waste. 

So, can a creative, non-structure lover like me create a life where there is enough structure to keep all the balls in the air, yet provide enough creative time to just it happen?  I can’t fit into a cookie cutter system someone else creates, but my old way of doing things just isn’t working as well as it needs to .  So I will be attempting to re-arrange my life in a way that works better.  Is it possible? Check back in to see how things progress..



6 Responses to “What? I have to be a businesswoman, too?”

  1. deliasstones Says:

    This could have been an entry in my own blog. Creative time come when it comes, and unfortunately I’m not always able to ride that wave when it’s available. Ahhh … the days before motherhood when I was free to follow the Muse’s whim. 🙂 But no matter how busy as life keeps me, I still find time for my Muse. If I didn’t, I’d go mad.
    Enjoyed the post!

  2. I’m glad you visited, Delia…I went to your site and was inspired! Your things are beautiful. I also am a fan of Rena’s site and books, so I was glad to see your section on her. I’m slowly working my way through her social networking book (another addition to the to-do list…sigh!).

  3. deliasstones Says:

    Rena is a gem. If it weren’t for the direction that her site and ebooks provide I think I’d just be stumbling around in the dark! The thing I can’t get past is approaching retail shops and gallerys to sell direct. My tummy flips at the thought of it. I also have yet to check out her social networking book. What do you think of it so far?

  4. I think Rena’s social networking book is full of fantastic information. I’m working my way slowly through it – I’m new to most of the social networking stuff – but I think it’s going to be very valuable. The stuff I’ve done so far has been fun.

    I’m right there with you about cold-calling. I haven’t really done that. I’ve lucked into a couple of great opportunities, and so I have two galleries/shops right now, and everyone says I need to do more, but I’m like you – the thought of it makes me sick. I need to toughen up and just DO IT. Maybe we can encourage each other!

    You’ve done a great job with your sites and your blog, I really think you’d like the social networking book. You should check it out!

  5. Bev Carlson Says:

    Ah, two other of Rena’s fans. Her information has been so helpful. Probably see you around. Found this blog on SU.

  6. Hi Bev! Glad you visited. Rena is so full of great ideas and information, isn’t she? Glad you StumbledUpon my blog…stop in again!

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