Independence Through Electronics!

January 26, 2010

OMG.  OMG!  I had a vision of a whole different life over the weekend. 

I blogged recently about a road trip I was taking with my kids, and some of the anxiety that it was causing me.  Then my brother showed me his new Garmin GPS unit.

My father got one of the first personal GPS units, and he took classes to try to figure the thing out.  It was complex and difficult.  That was the image of them I had in my mind, and I literally had no idea how user-friendly they had become.  Call me ignorant, but I was blown away by my brother’s new GPS.

This thing literally shows your car driving you down the road and talks to you to tell you what exits to take, etc.  It reconfigures the directions when you make a wrong turn or choose another route.  Best of all, even I could see how easy it was to figure out.  If I can use a cell phone, I can use this GPS!

I felt the tightness releasing from my shoulders as my brother showed me his GPS.  I could go anywhere!  No more worry about getting lost! No more holding back from going to strange places or big cities because I didn’t know where I was going.  All for only about $125 dollars.

OMG.  Independence.  Freedom.  Fearlessness!

Here I come, world.

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